Wednesday, June 1, 2011

things i am loving right now.

1. one dollar ice cream cups from cafe west. aka utah valley hospital cafeteria. aka why didn't i think about coming to the hospital to eat their ice cream and steal their internet more often?
2. schoolteacher buns on the very top of my head and only washing my hair every three days. i'm gross. then having people ask me how i did my hair. ha!
3. pistachios. stealing one out of the bulk foods bin at winco that fateful day definitely was the start of something beautiful...
4. i can't stop pinning... mostly food. always food. (and sneaking peaks at style boards... i wish i had great style)
5. sweet potatoes. i really don't think this wallflower vegetable gets enough face time. i'm going to make this sometime in the near future.
5. writing june instead of may on things. summer! happy june first

1 comment:

The Ball Babies said...

Yes! I love writing June and I love sweet potatoes! Mostly when they are roasted in the oven - pure HEAVEN!!!