Tuesday, June 28, 2011

i've got all these mental posts written in my head right now

greetings from back here in the beehive state! i had a great weekend full of food, fun, friends, excitement and family, sunburns, shopping, etc etc and obviously hardly anything written on here. bear with me, okay? and get ready for a smorgasbord of posts this week.

this guy is the main reason i headed up to boise this weekend. ladies and gents i give you elder skyler larsen straight outta france! he is so great. and yes, that cardboard cut out may or may not really be mr. barack obama.
his homecoming was full of cheeses and baguettes. i highly doubt there is anything better. it's fun/weird to have friends coming back from missions. it makes me feel old as the hills and, not gonna lie, pretty unproductive in the last two years. anyways, great to see old friends and have high school reunions in the best city ever.

as for the highlights of monday? i have three for you. 
so this weekend i learned to make almond milk and i may or may not be kind of obsessed with it right now. life was so much better this morning with a little bit of that drowning my cinnamon life. it makes waking up sooooo worth it... i am already excited to wake up tomorrow and feast on it. 
i am pleased to announce that after working almost a full year at my current job i now officially have my very own name tag! it is cool.
 and i went grocery shopping, which makes me happy. the food items i am most excited about? peaches, bananas, broccoli, a lime, some avocados, yada yada mostly i just feel bad for the checker (and people in line behind me) whenever i go to winco because she usually spends about 15 minutes adjusting her glasses and trying to key in all my bulk foods.
i'm real difficult.  
now off to bed! another day, another dollar. have a great tuesday

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The Ball Babies said...

Skyler and his brother look a lot alike! Whoa. Do you ever get tired of produce? haha You're a good little shopper and an excellent cook - just had the last of your creamy cilantro dressing. Yummmm.