Thursday, June 30, 2011

i typed out an entire post, then succeeded in losing it.

and now i just want to bang my head on the keyboard and lay there.

oh well, the rest of the day was real great. lets move on to my favorite things for the week:

1. broiled peaches. seriously it's like cobbler without the poundage. cut one in half, sprinkle on some sugar, then broil for 4 minutes. add in a couple blueberries, honey, and greek yogurt. whoa
2. soaking beans. tonight we cooked, of course, but this time we got crafty and soaked and cooked our own black beans. oooooooooh paired with a some roasted sweet potatoes in a corn tortilla, there is simply nothing better. nothing! (besides #1 above)
3. urban outfitters vnecks. on saturday i got three and i have worn them every day since. three shirts, five days... you do the math.
4. the random/mostly awesome monsoon that hit provo today.
5. this hilarious video. oh jbeibs.
justin came to the boise town square mall to advertise his fragrance....somedaaaaaaaaay

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Diana Cook said...

HAHAHAHAHHA....IS THAT AT MACY'S???!!? cause we had one just like that. his perfume smells pretty good. I'll take a twinner picture with justin biebs and then it will be like we're all together and friends.