Thursday, June 9, 2011

nice to meet you

hi. my name is alyssa bell.

i guess this is what happens when fourteen year olds are in charge of selling season passes to water parks. or something. when i the girl she messed up, she got all worried and huffy and i told her not to sweat it. if they id me, i will just threaten to turn them in for violating child labor laws. (i swear they employ all of provo junior high). take that seven peaks!

anyways,yep, that's right i am now one of those people. those people who cave for unlimited fun at water parks (i just want to rid myself of lily white skin, okay?) and trafalga, too. i am going to get my mini golf on... all year long.

yesterday i went with brittany and we sat out by the wave pool and people watched for a couple solid hours. the best people can be found at water parks!! jiggly women, gingers who swim in long sleeved shirts, guys who flex as they strut around, guys who wear their underwear, and, my personal favorite, the awkward girls who wear one pieces with board shorts. ay. it is going to be a great summer.
my awkward face right after somebody i know noticed me and started talking at me mid cheese.
not much to report this week, just been working and cooking, running and keeping busy as a bee listening to these podcasts. if you have some time, listen in, then check out her blog. you'll be satisfied... and so will your stomach. one of the highlights of this week was grocery shopping. i spent way too much money at winco. i just couldn't pass up the blueberries! they were calling my name! i made apricot pistachio granola so good i wanted to weep.

i almost did weep when my entire container of blueberries fell out of the fridge and on the floor this morning. it was tragic. however, i just scooped them up and put them back in the fridge. i swept last night. it counts.

as for the rest of life, it keeps plugging along. 13 days until i go home for a couple minutes! boise will be dreamy.

here's me a year ago from this week playing in barcelona **cue nostalgia**
keep it real.

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The Ball Babies said...

At least no one (specifically 1st graders) can call you Miss Bald, Miss Balls, etc... heh heh