Saturday, June 4, 2011

happy birthday dear britni

look what i found deep in the confines of facebook:
this was britni and me at her sweet sixteen four years ago. 
please admire my hemp necklace a boy in my algebra class made me and my tie dye tank top i made myself. what a gem of a high school experience i had
and this is us today. look out provo, somebody just turned twenty! 
britni is my roommate. she is a real gem, i will tell you what. i''m so glad she skipped out on rexburg and decided to move to provo to live with me this summer! (because she moved here just for me, obviously.) this summer marks the, oh, 8th year we've been friends, however it still feels like yesterday that she walked into my CTR 12 class at church and something inside of me decided we had to be friends. 
although we both had to work all day today, i'd say tonight was a success. we went to malawi's to partake of the perfect birthday meal,of course, saw xmen (so great!) and ate this cake a la emily.
twenty sparkly candles did the trick, and no apartments were burned down in the torching lighting. (thankfully)
i hope all of her wildest wishes come true. 


Diana Cook said...

Ahhhh I love seeing the difference between old pictures and now.
YAY, we're all twenty!
20=HALFWAY TO 40 :)

The Ball Babies said...

What beautiful young women in those pictures!!! (And I love each of them - my own daughter the most of course!!!)