Friday, June 24, 2011

note to self

it's a bad idea to chop onions and jalepeños then rub your allergy stricken eyes.
it's like a fiery inferno up in my eye socket right now.
but hey, at least i can blog about my misfortunes from my back porch with griffey wandering aimlessly around the patio.
i love being home.


The Ball Babies said...

If that would have been me the entire neighborhood would have known about it. sheesh, you're a quiet one, girl.

Diana Cook said...

It seems as though we both are currently experiencing eye trouble.
Last night, I ran across the bridge which is a little over two miles, then just as I started running back a huge bug flew into my eye. I guess that's what I get for running at 10 PM right next to a busy bridge w/ cars going 60 mph & w/bright lights. So obvi I couldn't stop (scared of being kidnapped) so I just ran with the bug in my eye all the way home.
Anywho, today at work, my eye turned really red (like the man in the movie, Red Eye, who's on the plane and all). So I got self- conscious when i noticed it and left immediately to buy $7 visine at a convenient-like store at the mall.
I've used a quarter of the visine in one day.
My eye is still red.
It's probably cause I have bug poop and intestines in my eyeball.
You're welcome for the mini-novel.