Tuesday, June 21, 2011

do a little good

done any good in the world today?

if you're like me on most days, the answer feels like a no

BUT. you can change all that right now if you click here.

Now I Can is a provo based organization that helps children with club feet and other physical ailments get the therapy they need. tonight a group of girls in my ward went there to learn a little about their program and help out their cause.

vivint, another provo based business, is holding a contest here, and to make a long story short, the charity with the most votes wins. so vote for Now I Can! it's easy. click the link. log onto facebook (like you aren't already logged on) "like" vivint and vote for this charity.

you can do so every day until august 27. help them win 250,000 bones to help children get the physical therapy they need! it's worth it. it'll make you feel good.

and happy first day of summer. how did you celebrate the summer solstice? i got yogurtland, then ate a sizable amount of pineapple. mmmmmm. i also tired out "turbo kick" at gold's... not for me. i left early. even the elliptical is better than pretending to punch air.

going home tomorrow and gonna have to make a conscious effort not to speed, i just wanna get there asap.

1 comment:

Aly G said...

You would love that turbo kick if you learn how to use your punches! Tight and in control, like you are punching a fly real quick!! You are so funny!! You sound too dedicated to Golds and working out!! Go Alyssa!! xoxo!!