Wednesday, July 27, 2011

because it rained and they closed the pool

today as i was trying to find some recipes i took a gander down at my recent searches and decided you can tell a lot about a person from the things they look up on google.

i would say this search of my recency (is that a word? i hope so... add that to the search queue) basically explains myself over the last week or so. 
speedy peterson is dead?! suicide?! what the heck! now there is one less living famous person from idaho.

i bought couscous this week and made this delicious concoction of couscous, mushrooms, apricot preserves, and a ton of steamed broccoli. it was good, promise. if i woudn't have been so busy stuffing my face i would have snapped some pics. oops.

can you tell i had baking on the brain this week? well i was jordan's bridal shower yesterday so i had to get my culinary on. did i ever mention that i very much dislike baking? i'm not much for measuring and i like substitutions so baking just really isn't up my alley. cooking, now there's a different story. anyways, i made these.
 lingerie cookies. there is no other way i would rather spend my night than to stay up til 2 am frosting four dozen heart cookies into humps and other lady lumps. the things we do for friends!
these little devils. thank you pinterest. while i may have been cursing these reese's cheesecake bites up and down for their affinity to fall apart right on contact, no one was harmed in their making.

tragus piercing? yeah... some girl was complaining about hers on facebook and i just wanted to feel in the know. i think i'll keep my tragus how it came. thanks!

bridal shower gifts and games? like mentioned above, jordan, my old roommate and pal is getting married on friday. it's crazy. it's absurd. she is moving up in the world.  we  kelsey threw her the best shower ever. food galore! lace! frilly things! dirty talk! too many pictures! it was everything a good bridal shower should be.
 the last single lady embrace. EVER.
 janky lingerie dress up? you really have no idea.
here's to you, jordan devereaux jimenez.
and here's to you for being the best host ever, kels.

veginaise? i was searching it because it was a cool word and i wanted to know how to spell it. and i am slightly scared of it, but secretly want to buy a bottle and mix it with tofu and call it egg salad. (kidding. but i have seen recipes. it's a real thing, people).
as for the sea world schedule...don't remind me. i still shudder at the memory of copious penguins standing around their cardboard antarctic habitats.

i advise you to go check the things you're recently searched now, too. you'll love it. it is just the thing to kill time when the rain quite literally rained on your seven peaks parade.

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The Ball Babies said...

You just don't know how fun it is for me to read your posts! They are awesome and I look forward to each one. Keep 'em coming.