Wednesday, July 27, 2011

dear future husband

sometimes i think of things i want my future spouse to know, like mental post it notes. like how our children won't be sporting any gaudy fake flower headbands, or that i won't drive a minivan with a decal family on the back of it. pc computers will be frowned upon... and that dishes should be rinsed out if they are going to be left in the sink. today i want FH to know i am adept at fixing cars.

i changed a tire yesterday. in a skirt.
 sometimes when you're doing something of this nature in provo boys just show up. apparate. right out of the thin air! one definitely did.... (and i tried to not make any skirt incidents happen) but he just stood back and instructed while sam and i did the grunt work. 
by the end my bangs were sweating and i was proud. 
i almost was sad to see the guy at les schwab change it. that thing was like a badge of honor! 
i off to do some more internet searches. 


The Ball Babies said...

So proud of you. Rock.On.

Ashlee said...

gaudy fake flowers look adorable on babies...especially evie.

if i ever need my tire changed...i know who to call! :)