Sunday, July 17, 2011

california dreamin'

well hey from so, cal! don't worry, it only took us fourteen hours to get here thanks to some bumper to bumper traffic from just outside vegas to about.... rancho cucamonga. (i just really like that name)
like stated above, today was just a great day of travel.
and i am obsessed with vignette, like instagram for android. (i don't need no stinking iphone) anyways, at least i was entertained the whole way, right?
my nails... dmv employee status. just like those of joy the baker
lavender fields
mmmm truckstops
coonskin capped 
because the beaver gas station deserved it's own montage
so we made a quick stop in vegas at my request, and guess who was just chillin by his car taking a smoke break and adjusting his hair piece?! the king himself, of course. viva las vegas
just the world's largest thermometer! (located right by the alien jerky shop, of course.)
 after a long day in the car, we finally made it to our lovely travelodge.

a special thanks to:
our gps, for never leading us astray... for a whole 14 hours
the albertson's in st george, for supplying lunch (i may or may not have eaten an entire bag of salad)
the king, for making 15 minutes in vegas fabulous
vignette, for making photo documentation easy as pie
this book, for keeping me sane during hours in the car 8-12
lindsay, for giving us some great laughs when she expressed her true feelings about how she likes being around more "white people" upon realizing that there is a thing called diversity in CA
and disneyland for greeting us with their nightly fireworks show. (even though from our hotel my mom basically just thought someone was getting shot in anaheim. it's fine)

tomorrow it's off to the happiest place on earth.
let's do this.

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me said...

Hahahaha love this and the elvis pic and the "white people" comment. Today at the kid cudi concert I was surrounded by many colored folk, it was as if i had died and gone to heaven ;)
Have fun at disneyland tomorrow with the fam!! :)