Thursday, July 21, 2011

top thirteen things from our trip thusfar

well folks, greetings from the hampton inn... a hotel in san diego a little less ghetto than our travelodge in anaheim. my phone is in the car. no pictures tonight.
however, there were a long list of moments i will not soon forget from our three day trip down at the ol' happiest place on earth.

1. walking into the park with my sisters and having one of the creeptown workers croon "hi, princesses"
2. the squealing coming out of my mom when we rode star tours for the first time... and her sweaty palms and feet before, during, and after.
3. the asian invasion at universal studios
4. one avid fan proclaiming, "we have to get to toontown before all the toons leave!!" to his less than enthusiastic wife
5. my dad's face during "it's a small world"
6. my dad's face during "the enchanted tiki room"
7. the plethora of porky women in rompers. (seriously, what the heck)
8. waiting in line at space mountain for, oh, two hours?
9. hearing, "please exit the tram on the left" and having my mom get out on the right.... and then be berated by the tram conductor until she exited properly.
10. the sign at our hotel warning guests that, "some chemicals in building have been found to cause cancer in california". comforting.
11. watching my dad try to mimic kourtni doing the "cat daddy" dance move. followed by his surprisingly good attempts at the jerk... however, probably more hilarious in reality than in writing.
12. the unholy amounts of powerbars, clifbars, fiber one bars, and almonds we've consumed. if anything is lacking in our diets, it sure ain't protein.
13. and our skills using googlemaps. my dad and i are a team, and i am finally learning right from left.... and to warn him about that left hand turn coming up before he's passed it. baby steps!

tomorrow we're off to the zoo!
good thing i love animals.

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