Tuesday, July 12, 2011

so, what are you doing?

currently i am about dead on the couch. cause of death? death by delicious food. let's get to our favorite things as of this week, shall we?

1. this soup. this delicious gingered sweet potato concoction that forced me to pinch myself to make sure i was still living. i eat soup in the summer and i like it that way. seriously though, easiest soup to date. if you're interested i went off this recipe

2. mason jars as drinking glasses. as i type this my loyal friend is right here beside me. it's always great to drink out of a jar that has your name embossed  across the front, yeah?

3. old navy credit cards. i'm just trying to build a mountain of credit, okay? ha but really. i got a sweet deal on some new runners this week from piperlime, cuz you can use that card for all old navy, gap, banana rep, athleta, and piperlime purchases. and i got twenty bucks off. some new mizunos for like 60 bucks? my feet say thank you very much.

4. the girl in my cycling class today that was wearing high heels. imagine this now. you look over during warm up, and the girl in front of you is latched in and wearing some three inch stilettos. i knew cycling could make you crazy.

5. nerts. nerf. crazee six. whatever it is called it's fun. we played on sunday and me and my partner (who i like to call the silver fox due to his gray patches) won. i never win cards. it was kind of awesome.

well friends, strangers, family, i hope everything is great and that july is treating you like it would want to be treated. time to do dishes and find books to read for my long trip to CA this weekend. it's gonna be goooooood.

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The Ball Babies said...

Yeah, get lots of books cuz we'll be driving lots and lots of miles. Maybe you should get some books we can listen to together? You know, while I'm driving.