Sunday, July 10, 2011

i am such a white girl.

saturday is a special day. why? no work! all play. (and laundry and cleaning my bathroom and whatnot) i like getting things done while i play, so today i went to seven peaks to finish reading, the help
anyways, i gave myself a couple of hours to get my task done and hoped a little color on my skin might ensue, too. 
due to my hue, this season has forced me to rock the one piece on most pool occasions.
today i got cocky and bore two inches of lily white torso. by this picture, i bet you can guess what two inches i am speaking of.
one day i will learn. til then, i might have to utilize my roommate's aloe vera plants growing in the kitchen...


The Ball Babies said...

That little strip of red looks like your dad's chest - all over. Yeah, the Hawaii sun is intense. Beautiful but super intense! (And I loved it.)

Diana Cook said...

Hahahah....sun burn!!
PS I fell asleep in the pool...for three hours. Needless to say, i'm closer to my life long goal of being black.
Speaking of which, how did you like the help? ha