Sunday, August 14, 2011

mid august already?

alright school starts in two weeks. weird? yes.
every single day at work people ask me the date, and when i tell them, about 50% say some variation of "oh my goodness where has this summer gone" and i smile and comply and say some variation of "yes, it's really crazy" or "man it's just a-flyin" an average of 12 times an hour. maybe tomorrow i'll keep track. you'd think that being aware of how "fast time is going" would have the reverse effect of slowing it down or something... but anyways, i digress! weekend happenings! 

first off, thursday isn't exactly weekend material, but when your friday/saturday/sunday goings on don't account to much, you've got to scrounge up something. and thursday totally counts because it is like weekend's eve.

thursday is a great day in the summer because it means there are free concerts in salt lake. like legit free concerts! like bright eyes. it was great, the music was fun, the marijuana smoke was a little overwhelming, and the people watching was as good as ever. 
here are a few key players in thursday's games
a. your run of the mill high school couple. i thought this kid was gonna rub a hole right through his gf's shift
b. your average beer drinking f-word-every-other-word frat bro
c. the token ginger. wearing a polo. (mostly for kelsey)
d. the 65 year old in denial. woodstock was about 40 years ago, buddy.
e. your average drunk groupie chick
f. and us. 
thanks for a good time, connor.

wondering who they are? i gathered this from their myspace bio. (yep, myspace) 
Ghostland Observatory is not a band, but an agreement between two friends to create something that not only heals their beat-driven hearts, but pleases their rock ‘n roll souls
something tells me they've got a following worthy of a couple paparrazi pics. stay tuned for that!
anyways, as for the rest of the weekend, well, it can be summed up pretty easily.

saturday: i failed at getting back to my pastoral roots. you see i had this great idea that i could go pick my own vegetables at u-pick farms, this farm in orem where you are quite literally picking your own vegetbales, right when i was done with my workout. however, note to self that farms mean mud, which means don't wear your brand new running shoes out there. you WILL step in and immediately regret the decision.
needless to say, i left with no vegetables and a whole lot of angst.
don't worry though, it was easily remedied by a trip to see "the help" and it was great. better than the book, in my opinion.  the movie just rocked that character development... and made me want to buy some crisco. it's just one of those "what would minny jackson do?" moments.

sunday: a day that starts out with pancakes and a bike ride to church (risque, i know) can't be anything but good. i spent the rest of today cooking myself food and getting creative with leftovers, seeing as i move out in three days. i'm going to miss this apartment. it's the best ever. i mean, where else am i going to live where i sleep on a mattress on a floor and my walls are blue and green? it's one of a kind, i will tell you that. it's great being a provo vagabond.

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The Ball Babies said...

Your blog is my favorite one to read. Yep, it's true. Keep 'em coming and I think you're going to be famous one day!

PS We absolutely loved The Help also. It was so.good. I'm glad you liked it too!