Tuesday, August 16, 2011

tuesday things.

facts of the week this far:
my best friend is a complete bad a.
this picture needs to be blown up put on my ceiling. i may or may not have to do just that.
but really. i am so awestruck by her level of cool... and guess what? her main parachute failed, too! i haven't exactly talked to her about it yet... so your guess is as good as mine. diana- comment and give us the story!
the best decisions of my week right there. exhibit a is sautéed zucchini with lentil balls, doused with marinara and a sprinkle of fresh parm. the recipes are simple and i will give them to you.
the first one is via pinterest, the goddess of internet searching. she's married to google. i just decided. the 2nd one is via mama pea... the queen of vegan cooking. seriously, follow her, she is hilarious.
the second one is hardly a recipe, more just inspiration from heaven above. cut a peach in half, sprinkle a little cinnamon and brown sugar in each hole, broil the halves for 5ish minutes, then eat it with greek yogurt. I DIE.
this is real life.
they make hearses still... maybe i am the only one who didn't know this, but it's true. i swear it looked brand spankin new, straight off the lot, and plate-less! impressive.
and just a gem of wisdom for me remember at a later date. note to self: if the guy on the bike next to you at cycling boisterously tells you to "just slap him if he gets too loud for you during class" do just that. really. for any man over 45 who yells out the words along to "like a G6" and "hold it against me" during a class like that, well, it's probably in his best interest as well as everyone else's.

and i'm moving out tomorrow! i'm going to miss my mates.

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The Ball Babies said...

So for a split second I thought that Diana was you. But just for a the splittiest of seconds. Please don't jump out of any airplanes without notifying me first, OK?

BTW, your food looks divine.