Saturday, August 20, 2011


when i was small i used to play "poor".
while other little girls ran around wearing cinderella dresses and playing barbies,  all i really wanted to do was to pretend i was homeless, that i ate grass, and mostly that i had no parents and lived outside. (and that my name was felicia, but that's probably another story)
it's all the truth. we've got the home videos to prove it.

.... this week all those things became a reality. (besides the grass eating... for the most part)
this is a funny time in my life, mostly because of the amount of times i've packed up everything i own and moved it 2-3 blocks away from my previous location.

welcome to the beautiful life of a byu student who is never satisfied with her living conditions! don't worry though, i am not the only one.
welcome to this phenomenon that occurs every year around this time for about 3-5 days where roughly 1/3 of provo's population is between housing contracts and bumming off their more established friends' couches and living out of their cars.
welcome to life until tuesday.
today is day 2/6 that i am living in the corolla. for clarification's sake, i am using the term "living" pretty loosely, seeing as i have this saint of a grandmother who lets me sleep at her house and eat food out of her refrigerator. when i say "living" i simply mean that everything i own is chillin in my car, and i don't see the point of taking it all out just so that i can put it back in in four days.
time consuming. mind consuming. physically arduous.
it's basically the last way i want to spend my last week of summer.

however, living out my car has had some perks, for instance:
i now have full disposal to my entire wardrobe at all times... costume change during my lunch break? don't mind if i do....
the fact that i lost my phone charger and only have a car charger doesn't even matter, since i couldn't use the regular one anyways
i can appreciate the good gas mileage my car gets when it's lighter and fitter... cuz having your whole life in your back seat doesn't exactly help to keep the gauge at full...
i am learning what's really important in life... you know, outfit wise. for instance, are those black flats buried in the deepest confines of that tote REALLY worth the digging/unpacking/repacking? maybe. the skinny black leather belt? never.
there is always a mirror nearby for doing your makeup, and the natural lighting rocks.
plus, you know how sometimes you see some poor fool in some unfortunate circumstance and you just think about how glad you are not to be that guy? it's nice to finally be the cause of that life altering moment for somebody, somewhere.

now if you'll excuse me i've got to go scrounge around in one of my garbage bags for something appropriate to wear to work tomorrow. and my razor. this transient needs a shower.

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