Wednesday, August 17, 2011

who turned out the lights?

you see, we move out tomorrow, but our power was turned off today at 12. poo!
too bad our roommate who is in charge of the power jet off to panama today (something about building a canal....)so we can't even yell at her.
anyways, it has made for some bad news to us procrastinators who were planning on packing up all night long...
tonight emily got out her headlamp and we tried to make heads or tails of our kitchen supplies.
it worked... kind of. too bad it was like a sauna in there... and maybe thats a little dangerous with knives? maybe?
finally we gave up and went with the next best thing... sleeping at grandma's.
man i love having family close.
and man do i love electricity.
guess we'll be packing by the light of the sunrise tomorrow bright and early.

1 comment:

The Ball Babies said...

Sharp knives + no light = BAD
Grandma + clean sheets = GOOD