Tuesday, August 30, 2011

tuesday things.

i rode my bike to school today in a skirt. i'm sorry if i unintentionally flashed anybody. (dismounting is tricky)

school started. have you ever been thrown into a deep pool while wearing ankle weights, then been told to tread water for a couple minutes with your hands above your head? i haven't either. however, i would imagine that would kind of stink, and  i have a feeling my struggles this semester might come in at a close second. the more time i spend in "introduction to bio organic chemistry", the more i kick myself for not going to spain this semester like was the original plan.

i just want to cook. i want to  chop fresh basil and smash garlic and drink out of my lone mason jar. ...and i killed my basil plant. (i bought another. it's bigger)

we have a swamp cooler in my apartment and so my showering towel never dries completely. and my mom says that my foods will probably start going soft. however, it's fun to stand under when its on full blast... kind of reminds me of the rainforest room at the zoo.

i went to art history today only to find out that i bought the wrong one. now i get to buy another and pray that i can sell the one i don't even need. anybody in the market for a comprehensive overview of art history? (or a stepping stool? or a weight? or a weapon?) ((how about just trading it for a shoulder i can cry on?)) however, i did rejoice upon finding out my old access code for chemistry works for my new chem class. (tricky! and lessens the blow from my art history realization!)

i am going to denver in four days.... and that is all the motivation i need to get through this week of crazy!

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