Sunday, August 28, 2011

i like to talk about things i like

and this is definitely one of those things.

last night as a final summer hoorah, britni and i went to salt lake to say what's up to our ute friend, hailey.

of course upon arrival, our first order of business was finding some dinner. hailey suggested zupas. i suggested we go somewhere new. i'd heard about this place called blue lemon downtown, so we checked the site to make sure it was veg friendly and drooled over the menu.
seriously, everything sounded good. AND it only uses local ingredients/is environmentally friendly/blah blah all that jazz. we were totally in because we're all about being the aforementioned hoity toity things.

it had the typical utah set up of a restaurant. walk in, choose something off the huge menu displayed overhead, order, and sit, kind of like cafe rio, zupas, jason's deli, chipotle, diegos. i really like this style for one great reason: you get delish food and don't have to leave a tip. it's wonderful for the customer, probably not so wonderful for the waitstaff.
 we started off with the hummus platter. we were feeling fancy and ordered an appetizer! be crazy! school starts monday!
 then the food came out. i ordered the "blue lemon portabella burger" which is just the turkey burger with a portabella mushroom in place of the animal. well, obviously from the pic below you can see they forgot to mention adding a choice other animal product. and i bit right into it in my haste to get that delicious looking sandwich in me. i chewed, chewed, chewwwwed.... and then had my brain register that i was eating bacon. prompty found the nearest napkin to spit that out. britni informed me she'd been dreaming of bacon for the last two nights, so i dissected it out of my meal and handed it over.
we're a good team.
nevertheless, the rest of the burger was scruptious. if you've never eaten a portabella like this, i suggest it. i mean, just look at that cheese! tempting!
the best part of the meal came out last. sugar cookies! we didn't order them, a girl just brought them to us and apologized for our food coming out so slowly. i guess 5 minutes is just not quick enough in fast paced salt lake time. man. these cookies were wonderful, though.
i think i can speak for all of us when i say we really enjoyed the meal.
 blue lemon. make a mental note of it. locations in downtown slc and highland. tell them i sent you. (or take me with you?)
may a wonderful sunday ensue.

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