Sunday, August 21, 2011


like i mentioned previously, i spent lots of time in my car.
and scoring deals at the mall on jeans. (okay they are jeggings) judge not.
and kissing my dreams of buying an SLR goodbye and deciding to be a responsible person and pay my college tuition.

thursday we went to slc for the twilight concert series and got our rave on. kind of.
ghostland observatory was pretty neat. they pumped smoke into the air that smelled like maple syrup, then shot lasers across the sky.
it was pretty great.

on friday britni and i went to the sound of music at sundance, after only a minor mishap where i thought i'd lost our tickets in the abyss that is my car. they were found. prayer works. i've got the attention span of a six year old and the lower back pains of a sixty year old, so we left at halftime. i mean intermission.
i stink at theatre. but i will just tell you... those hills were alive.

saturday i worked, which is super uncommon but necessary because of that college tuition deal.
then i ran on the provo river trail in the 94 degree heat, but thankfully i didn't die.
i ate at jason's deli and became obsessed. seriously, get there.
i slept on britni's floor and dreamed of spain.

sunday was my final hoorah in the 227 ward, and they said farewell to the best relief society room coordinator they'd ever seen.
every single week i mess up on leading the hymns on the computer. either i can't scroll, i turn it on at the wrong time, or only the piano part plays. i'm a spazz and get ever spazzier when i know about 30 sets of eyes are staring at me fumbling around with a mouse with no mousepad! none! it's been traumatic and sweat inducing, but great. and those ladies are gonna miss seeing those beads of sweat roll down my temples as they are yelling out orders on how to work that newfangled device, i know it.
it was family dinner week, too. we ate at a park and i probably downed an entire costco container of grapes. i just can't help myself!

and now it's almost monday and school is starting in seven days, and saying "seven days" just reminds me of the ring, and how in seven days you die,  which i kind of feel like might happen to me. the clock is just a ticking. don't get me wrong, i do love school as much as the next zoobie, but i like my summer life. it's when "i do what i want" is the motto reigning supreme, i do what feels good, and i have next to zero serious cares.
byu is getting ready to pull that rug out from under me.... eeeeeeek! on my horizons are: organic chemistry. spanish phonetics. world religions. art history. cooking.
hopefully i don't get chewed up and spit right back out.
but hey! as of tuesday i will again be able to put my clothes in a closet.
for this weekend of fun, the last week of summer, and that last fact, i am indeed thankful.

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