Sunday, August 7, 2011


well, it was too short, i will tell you what.
school is quick approaching and i am trying to slow

i haven't been in provo for a weekend in, oh, about a month, so i was worried i might forget how it's done down here.
it was like riding a bike. you never forget!
friday was spent at midnight in paris with my work pal. oh, what a movie. if you haven't seen it yet, i highly suggest it. when you understand all the artsy references you'll feel like a million bucks. (in real life did owen wilson really know who dalĂ­ was? scott fitzgerald? gertrude stein? just a question...)

saturday britni and i went to diego's for lunch.
people of provo, you should probably get there now. seriously, drop whatever you're doing, get in your car, and stuff a burrito in your face. (ps. they really only gave me three chips.)
 i am drooling right now. 3.50 for a ginormous burrito? it was love at first bite. last bite, too. diego, whoever you are, i think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
this little number on the window made this place all the more endearing. friends, i know what you're getting for your birthdays, christmases, hanukkahs, and weddings. i may or may not have to splurge on the 20 x 30 variety if it turns out good enough...
next brit and i laid in the park. just laid there and soaked up the summer, trying to strategically place our legs in the sun and faces in the shade.
hi this is me trying to catch up on some long lost journaling.
we laughed. we scammed on the frisbee-ers. we listened to the entire mumford&sons album.
days like this are the best part of summer. don't you agree?
the cherry on top of a perfect saturday? then emily and i water colored.
still lifes of fruits and veggies. i miss the days when watercolors were top priority on the school supplies list....
sunday came and went at the speed of light!
i went to church
i cooked about 50 pancakes for break-the-fast (breakfast for break-the-fast. how funny) and i came to a revelation that they are rockin' if you sprinkle cinnamon sugar on them as they cook.
i gorged myself at family dinner. (and fell in love with macaroons)
later we had an intense game of nerts. best card game ever! what a way to end the weekend.

and now it's back to work and the daily grind. this week.... well i have a feeling there will be a lot of tortillas to be eaten since it's that time of the year in housing contract season where you've got to start getting creative with the ingredients in your fridge to maximize it all or something. not a problem, though. tacos have been a major theme for summer '11.
 just look at this spread we ate last wednesday for cooking with friends day! mouth watering.
 i decided you can put anything in a taco and it is good.
even tofu. yep, i said it. that the combination of premarinated tofu+ broccoli slaw+couscous in or out of a corn tortilla is heavenly. i am guilty of eating it three days in a row this week, and i highly suggest you try it out... or call me up and i will share my leftovers.

happy monday.

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