Saturday, August 6, 2011

so maybe i just missed the train on that one.

alright i am going to reveal unto you all how uncool i really am. 
how out of the loop i tend to be.
narrow minded.
i've never watched "shark week". and i never plan on it.
a summary of my feelings. edited for young audiences. 

i really don't get it. at all... aren't there specials on animals all the time on DC? when is "wallaby week"? how "meerkat month"? why don't people tweet and blow up facebook when weekend long marathons of man vs. wild are on? maybe i don't get "shark week" because i didn't grow up with five hundred channels, nor did i hear the "discovery channel" song til i was, what, maybe in 7th grade? who am i.

all i do know is now that little factoid about me is out and it feels good. and now i can go about living my life in peace.  

and go eat lunch at diego's.

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