Thursday, September 15, 2011


i think that craigslist has just given me all the direction in life i need.
if only i could find my camera cord to upload those few pictures...

HA just kidding. but really. bikini barista? where the heck are these places in orem? i've never seen them.... however i always wondered what really went down at the "cyber cafe" next to shopko.... i have a feeling free internet isn't the most lucrative business. 

in other news i did something trendy yesterday. like i've written in the past, wednesday evenings are usually cleared so that emily, anita, and i can have our own version of "finer things" club/dinner. we cook, discuss our angst towards byu/our majors (or lack thereof), travel, music.... and making crucial life decisions based on the magic 8 ball app for android.

life changing.

anyway, last night i did something cool with this leafy green. 
welcome, kale. 
don't worry if you aren't familiar with it... even the checker lady at winco had to ask me what exactly it was. people these days... acting as if kale and buckwheat groats weren't found in every american kitchen.
 kale, meet olive oil and copious amounts of salt and pepper. oh, and a low grade oven. 
in goes leafy greens, out comes paper-like crunchy chip things.
if you invite me to your bbq, expect me to bring a fresh batch as my date.
they're like crunching on decomposed leaves... only a trillion times better.
pair with carrot ginger coconut soup and grilled tomato/mozarella/pesto on sourdough, and well, you might have just reached the trifecta.
wednesday should be every day. 
now excuse me while i go searching for that blasted camera cord and try to think of the perfect private dancer name for myself. 

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The Ball Babies said...

Maybe you could be a bikini barrista and just wear board shorts over the bottoms like