Thursday, September 22, 2011

thursday according to my phone.

do you see what i see?! little flecks of red! on the hills! fall is here. break out the pumpkin. 
i just figured i should document where i spend a good chunk of time... state street, driving to work every day. those lights never change, i will tell you what. blasting arcade fire from the inside helps keep it all bearable, though. i always have some album obsession for every season, and i think fall 2011 has neon bible locked and loaded.
oh hey katy perry with pink hair. this treasure came in the mail today addressed to a former resident. scoooooooore i spent my downtime at work  smelling all the pretty smells and coveting all the boots. and skipping the article that had anything to do with k. perry and her pink hair. 
and i went grocery shopping and bought this!! yeah, just a wild guess, but pretty sure i am the only twenty something that gets excited about buying coconut oil. in my defense, the internet told me olive oil isn't high heat safe and releases toxic chemicals into the air and burns up all the good stuff anyways, so i converted. oh, and you can rub it on your body. win win!
speaking of food did you really think i'd get through a whole post without mentioning it? nope.
here's what i ate for lunch. seriously, salivating right now. i am a tofu convert thanks to this recipe. 
and something else i've learned! saute broccoli and cauliflower, then drench them in balsamic vinegar. heaven.
maybe i just liked it because while eating it i was laughing my head off at up all night. you need to jump on this bandwagon. pronto!


The Ball Babies said...

"We have a cat!!!" Funniest part of the preseason hype for that show. I've never sauteed brocolli or cauliflower - does it cook through? hmmm

Coconut oil, eh? Does your apartment smell like it's summer at the beach? :)

Britni Ward said...

I totally watched that show before you mentioned it. HILARIOUS. I can't afford to be addicted to another TV show!!!