Sunday, September 25, 2011

grandma burleigh.

last tuesday of of the sweetest ladies i've ever had the opportunity to call family passed away at the ripe old age of 91.

grandma burleigh was one of the cutest, funniest, most endearing women i have ever met. while i only got to see her once every couple of years growing up, i will always have good memories of singing songs, visiting her little house in evanston, wy, browsing at walmart, getting yearly birthday cards filled with immaculate handwriting, and her soft voice- the way she'd call me "honey" and tell me how much i looked like my mother through her crooked little grin. grandma burleigh was the perfect example of the qualities i want to emulate in my own life; those of kindness, grace, talent, and love.

her funeral was held on saturday. it was wonderful to have all my family gathered in celebration of the life she lead and the legacy she left behind.

i love you grandma. can't wait to see you again. til then say hi to sara and brycen for me, okay?

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The Ball Babies said...

So Sweet! Thanks for the lovely post!