Sunday, October 23, 2011

is that the wasatch?

if you ask me, the mountains that shelter provo to the east are the best part about the place. 
i thought i'd seen fall before i'd moved here... but mostly i was just accustomed to the gradual browning of the boise foothills. last week when i drove around the point of the mountain and into utah county my jaw about dropped. i had to remember to look at the road once in awhile and peel my eyes off the red and yellow mountains. before i went home i thought fall was basically over- heck it had snowed almost to the base of the mountains and when mt timp is covered, you kind of know to kiss fall goodbye. but i was wrong! fall pulled through. good job.

anyways, friday britni and i went to rock canyon. i'd been up there only once before, despite the fact that it is literally a 10 minute walk from my apartment. it's fine, though. i like finding cool stuff gradually. 

my right hand hiking woman

as we hiked, an old guy and his wife and granddaughter caught up to us. the guy was the kind of wise grandpa everybody wants in life. we became friends with him and he showed us the way to a mineshaft all while telling us stories of his boyhood in rock canyon. 
here we are... in the cavity of a huge rock. pretty sure the guy told us to "watch our heads" roughly twenty three times. what a gent.
if you haven't noticed, i have a crush on fall this year. taking a semester off of school has given me ample time to really get in there and live it! runs in the canyon, hikes in the mountains, and a whole bunch of soup. i hope this is a long lasting relationship.

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The Ball Babies said...

I want Britni's t-shirt. And your camera. OK?