Monday, October 24, 2011

start spreading the news.

third time's a charm. that's what they say, right?
three years at byu and three major changes. ayyy! hopefully this is the end all of these changes. freshman year i was a biology major. i was going to be a dentist and that was the plan.
sophomore year i was a pre-dietetics major. i was going to be a dietetician, and that was the plan.
junior year, well, welcome to the new plan.
a couple days ago i was laying on the couch watching forks over knives, yet another documentary about food production in the us. (watch it. it's really great.)
i zoned out for a minute as my mind drifted to the ever present question of what exactly i wanted to do with my life. then it came to me, and all of a sudden everything just started to make sense. public health.  what hadn't i thought of it before? when i was a dietetics major, i told everybody that in the end, i wanted to educate about health and whole foods, work internationally, and do something with early childhood nutrition. while you could probably do something like that with dietetics, mostly an entry level dietician is going to be working in a hospital telling diabetics what they can and can't eat. red flag. wrong major.
anyways, thats the sitch and although i won't be done with school for ten years, i'm still breathing a sigh of relief.
and bought my copy of mylo xyloto. (and i suggest you do the same!)


The Ball Babies said...

Yay! Third time is the charm, I'm sure of it.

sblazzard said...

Congrats Alyssa, it is so important to follow your dream and make it happen. I am currently reading a book called, Eat to Live, have you read it? Very interesting. I think you would like it as it seems to cover much of what you are passionate about.
Best of luck in your new major, it is exciting to do what you love!

sblazzard said...

Alyssa, congrats and way to follow your passion. I think your new major looks great. I am currently reading a book called Eat to Live. Have you ever read it? It seems like something you would find interesting. I am learning a lot and I hope all of you future moms are empowered to know more and do more in regards to health and nutrition.
Good luck with your new course of study, you are gonna knock it outta the ballpark!