Sunday, October 16, 2011

i'm locked out. it's cool

having wifi rules. 
so does having your car held hostage in boise.
followed by having the privilege of driving your mom's minivan back home. (to utah? where is home? who am i?)
but only as much as having zero music the entire time and resorting to super classy josh groban for the last four hours. yep. that desperate. josh, your spanish accent could use a little work.

i guess i should preface that all by saying i made a special trip to boise this weekend. my car needed a little tlc, my teeth needed the plaque scraped off, and my sisters had a homecoming dance i needed to take pictures of. high school is great place.

i drove down on thursday.
brought greek food to my mom, spied on her class, and watched kourtni and lindsay in homecoming court on friday.

me and the models. but really
i just found this on the camera and laughed a lot. 

went on a long run with my parents, ate gourmet fries and burgers, and played paparazzi for homecoming on saturday
purple fries. totally normal.
idaho fry co.... i was a little skeptical, but it was gooood
just passing the time, taking pictures of my home/farm.
the parents
the couple

cutest baby. i just couldn't pick only one

:) or should i say >:(3)
this picture is proof you should never ask a sixteen year old boy to take a picture
clearly, enough was enough.
and then drove home in the ss honda odyssey today.
what a weekend! upon arriving home, i was greeted by letters from two of my missionary pals. two! i never get letters. what are the odds? elder pittson sent me this beauty

"i included a picture i found of you being all vegetarian and whatnot." classic. i miss my buddies.
have a wonderful week... and bear with me as i try to change the layout of this blog over the next few days... it needs an update.

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