Sunday, October 30, 2011

trick or treat. or rat.

late last night the doorbell rang. we'd just come home from a halloween party and were doing what any sensible girls would be doing after a long night of your run of the mill byu dance party.
exfoliating with face masks! 
caked in green creamy stuff we told jennifer to go answer the door. she did. 

she opened the door to find a pumpkin with a note attached. she read us the note. from the bathroom, we yelled at her to open the pumpkin and she what was inside. she removed the top and, well, this sewer dweller looked up with beady little eyes.
we screamed. we slammed the door. we ventured out again. i uttered some choice words and the tricksters came out of hiding. 
don't worry, it was just our home teachers. (aka guys from church)
they took back their rat and wreaked havoc upon more girls, i'm sure. 
happy halloween! i hope something as awesome as finding a rat in a pumpkin happens to you.


The Ball Babies said...

That's so random! And sort of creepy too. Rats tails are much too long and much too pink. Blech.

Diana Cook said...

Hahah his body looks like a naked mole rat!
But too funny, you should have kept him!!