Wednesday, November 9, 2011

good feeling 9

real life is:
throwing away an entire loaf of bread when it molds (sigh)
wearing the same pair of black pants to work er..... every day?
resurrecting the claw clip and owning it.
sitting at barnes and noble and listening to the old guys behind me talk dancing with the stars and their views on getting massages (favorite quotes being "i just usually don't feel good with people getting that intimate with my body"and "i'm a horse rider! i know pain...")

hi. this is my life.

day nine- this is also my life. this blog post via melissa coles. i first read this while sitting at work, and i was doing everything humanly possible to not die laughing. i think you'll do the same. girl's got a gift for writing and humor and that is fact.
now excuse me while i go look up "tight end" and a certain "kellen moore". maybe i'll bake some cookies, too. i feel like that might be one point melissa skipped over. a couple weeks ago in church our bishop devoted an entire meeting to dating panel. always hilarious, always controversial. my favorite moment was when the question of "how many plates of cookies must i bake before boy x asks me out?" my favorite real life response from the audience? "bake one plate, maybe two,  and see how it goes.... if he doesn't ask you out, lay off of them. you might be making things uncomfortable. "
no sir, YOU are the one making things uncomfortable. and that is also real life.


The Ball Babies said...

Only at BYU would that question be posed. I mean.Seriously!!!

Love that you sneakily took the picture in Barnes and Noble of that guy's bed head! Classic, Alyssa!

Melissa Cole said...

haha you flatter me. I would love to discuss your viewpoint on cookies sometime...although I really shouldn't be any sort of authority on this, because JT has a scar on his shoulder from the beginning of our relationship...

Melissa Cole said...

ps I am a Cole now.

HC said...

Alyssa, I really would love to see you soon, especially after reading this post. Real life is: Hailey Clements and Alyssa Ball reuniting = beautiful.