Thursday, November 10, 2011

good feeling 10

you've missed me talking about spain. i know it.
a couple of weeks ago i was sleeping on the floor at my aunt's house having final hoorah sleep over in celebration of the last day of single-dom for alexis. that morning, my phone alarm went off. i sleepishly rummaged around for it, turned the alarm off, and checked my email like i do each and every day before breakfast. amid the groupons and citydeals there was one that caught my groggy eye. a message from fernando poveda... the guy i'd lived with in spain! it read:

Este mensaje tiene como objetivo, darte la posibilidad de ponerte en contacto con Pilar y conmigo sin pasar por Roberto que siempre anda ocupado.
Un abrazo de Pilar y Fernando.

i seriously had to read through it 4 or 5 times before i even half understood what it said. really it's not that difficult. he basically just told me to email him, but evidently when you are half asleep spanish doesn't make all that much sense, and that led me to forgetting all about the message, then accidentally deleting it, then accidentally forgetting i'd accidentally deleted the message. whoops.
anyways, the other day i remembered this email. i facebooked roberto for his parents address and in a matter of hours the email was sitting in my inbox. this time i didn't delete it, but instead just forgot to respond at all. i'm a really great american.

day ten- today i redeemed myself and emailed my spain family. it was so good to type spanish (of which i am sure they will laugh at). so thankful am i to have lived with such a great group of spainards, to have had the opportunity to eat their food, listen to their rants, smell their cigarettes, and learn their ways. i miss them a lot, but i'm really glad we are good friends and they still think i'm cool. anybody want to go for a visit? obviously i've got the hook ups... i mean, they own a churros shop for crying out loud.
the man and his masterpiece.

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Britni Ward said...

I'm down, let's go to spain!