Friday, November 11, 2011

good feeling 11

11/11/11. i totally blew my opportunity to make a wish this morning.
one of my friends got married today- and the best part about that? 1.5 years ago we were sitting on an italian beach lamenting our love lives and he said that no matter what, he WAS getting married on 11/11/11. well done, good sir. that is dedication. faith. insanity?
 here's to hoping for my own marriage to be 11/11/2111. yeah.
i read an article. it said vegas's little chapels are going downright crazy right now and i believe it.
anyways, strangely enough, other things happen on days like today. like veteran's day. hug a soldier! oh... and discounted race registrations.
alyssa just can't pass up a good bargain.

day eleven- i'm doing it. well, the half. one day i will be hardcore and run a full, but for now i'd like minimal chafing and whatnot. june 23! seattle! i've never been there and figured running a half marathon is the perfect excuse opportunity to get up there. who is with me? 20 bucks off if you register before 11:11 tonight. i'm excited.... it's been far too long since robie creek 2009. (prepare yourself for a throwback...)
now i'm off to watch the clock. 11:11 pm... i've got my eye on you.

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