Saturday, November 19, 2011

good feeling 19

today i realized that i've been unintentionally participating in no shave november. yeah- oops. now the question is do i just keep it up or..... yeah, probably not shaving anytime soon. that, my friends, is the beauty of winter and tights.

day nineteen- so this summer i got into spinning. it's great. nobody can see you sweating your brains out, you're encouraged to scream and hoot and holler, and its kind of your own tailored workout. i like it. this morning was no different on the cycling front. the instructor today was like a walking talking tabloid, wearing a cheetah print top and donning a full set of extensions in a ponytail all tied up with a bow. all through class she gave me the lowdown on the kardashians, beiber, nordstrom, etc etc. we all need those little escapes, no?

good saturday. i'm gonna faceplant into my bed, goodnight

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The Ball Babies said...

Still too intimidated to try a spinning class. I have no cycling shoes, I am afraid I will pass out, and there are are never any bikes available anyway. Guess I'll just keep climbing "stairs"...