Monday, November 21, 2011

good feeling 21

kelsey put up the christmas decorations. it might be november 21 but around these parts, we're welcoming christmas with open arms...i mean, its hard to say no to christmas lights. there is just something about them.
day twenty one- this has got to be my picture perfect winter. i've got a thing for hot chocolate. have you ever eaten spoonfuls of hot chocolate mix and those freeze-dried marshmallows right out of the can? .... me neither. i definitely didn't do that tonight... alright, i totally did and i recommend it. oh, and maybe i discovered THE BEST HO-CHO COMBO EVER. coconut milk + french vanilla hot chocolate mix... or maybe it was dulce de leche who knows it was just so good. i am borderline obsessed!
oh- ps, i am more or less really excited for thanksgiving. mostly for the sweet potatoes. did i ever mention how lately i have an obsession for all thing pureed? it's true. i blend everything up in my ninja mixer and just drink it. basically i've decided that i'm either a baby or a senior citizen at heart. it's cool. 

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The Ball Babies said...

You really didn't like things pureed when you were an infant...Nope, I just cut up your steak and let you gnaw on it. haha