Tuesday, November 22, 2011

good feeling 22

woke up. drove to work. worked 8.33 hours. drove home. cooked dinner and hung out with britni. GOT THE BEST PHONE CALL EVER.

day twenty two- today this girl called me. the one, the only, diana isabel cook. this picture i snapped during freshman year skype chat sits on my desktop and makes me smile on a daily basis. she's good looking even with facial hair, no? this girl is down in az living life and we haven't seen each other since last december (shudder) but every time we talk it is just like yesterday we were riding our bikes to high school and speaking spanish (well she was speaking spanish. i was just sounding more or less ridiculous) when we wanted to be sneaky. she's great. i can't wait to see her (and a host of others.... melissa i'm looking at you) come christmas. friends are awesome


Diana Cook said...

(i would have commented sooner except I was at my nana's house= no internet)
Anywho, right after I finished talking to you I was telling my friend about our amazing 21 mile b-day jog plan and how it doesn't matter how long we don't talk for, we're still the best of friends and it's like nothing has ever changed.
now excuse me, while I go catch up on all the new posts you have up :)

Melissa Cole said...

uhh yeah I just saw this. And I heartily approve. Also, why would you paint my toenails if I can't see them...? haha just kidding. Maybe I will let you take pregnant pictures of me, since I don't have the guts (GET IT?!!) to do it myself. I scare myself in the mirror most days...