Wednesday, November 23, 2011

good feeling 23

provo is wonderful when 5/6 of the students leave. TONS OF PARKING!! it is a legitimate ghost town here! i tell you what- i think i shaved at least 10 minutes off of my commute home from work... wonderful.
i'm making a galette for thanksgiving. it sounds fancy and uppity but trust me- it is not. last week i got a TON of pears. i don't even like pears.... and what are you supposed to do when an entire bag of pears is staring you in the face? combine them with butter and sugar, i presume. at least, that is what the blogdom tells me.
speaking of blogdom, it's been going insane with thanksgiving recipe round ups and last minute ideas that are making my head spin. every time an author talks about thawing and brining her turkey, i get really anxious. at winco today i wanted to shake everyone who was purchasing a turkey and tell them that, according to my little knowledge of poultry, that thing needed to be thawed and brined STAT if it was going to be ready for tomorrow.... which begs the question, do people even like turkey? i remember it tasting pretty dry during my meat eating years... in fact i have fond memories of it sticking to the roof of my mouth and then having to scrape it off with my fingers. okay thats gross. i will stop now. eat your turkey and enjoy it, alright? i will enjoy my sides. people always ask me what i eat on thanksgiving. i think that is possibly the dumbest question ever. everything but that gamey bird. don't feel bad for me. trust me-i won't be going hungry.

day twenty three- tonight i sat in my vacant apartment, cooked vegetables and pasta and spent some time with claire and phil.... and michael and cam and the whole gang. seriously modern family night gives me just one more thing to live for.
gotta get going on that galette. (hi alliteration...) happy thanksgiving, everyone!


The Ball Babies said...

Great, now everyone knows what a poor poultry preparer I am...You're not the only one who can alliterate. :)

Your pasta looks divine especially paired with Modern Family - I.Die. Love that show so much!

We will miss you terribly tomorrow as we try to unstuck our turkey from the roofs of our mouths. :(

D said...

Hahahaha....your mom's comment.