Thursday, November 3, 2011

good feeling 3

i bought dental floss today. and new make up. how is it that all toiletries seem to run out at the exact same time? please, somebody- riddle me that one!
things have been a little bit on the slow side at work this week. it is probably the calm before the flu and strep throat storm, so i've been relishing in watching "annie" and reading every single issue of cooking light then enters the premise.
day three- usually when it is slowish i find myself gravitating towards it's my favorite place for news. they've got pretty pictures and large print. (am i 5? 95? both?) anyways, flipping through their photoblog is my favorite and i highly suggest it if you want some high quality images of what is going down in the world. my favorite topic as of late has been their stories on the "7th billion baby". that's right folks, our population has hit 7 billion.
go check it out.

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