Friday, November 4, 2011

good feeling 4

my family is fifteen minutes outside of provo. you know what that means? i am getting my other car! big red is going back to boise where he belongs. hallelujah.
today's outfit paid homage to big red, though. i semi planned it. we really bonded, that car and i...  he's got quite a powerful heater. there was ample room in the back seat for my lunchbreak naps. when i turned up the volume on my radio is sounded like there was a whole symphony right in my back seat. he just about drained my bank account with the amount of gas he consumed. it was good times...but to everything, a season. thank. goodness.
incaseyouwerewondering: jeans-levis, sweater- roxy, scarf-gap, boots- steve madden
good thing i have another big red to replace the one i'm losing.
good feeling 4- sometimes life hands you a really great pair of jeans. sometimes you only have to pay nine bucks for that aforementioned pair of pants. sometimes you buy them and wonder what exactly people will think of you parading around in a pair of maroon pants. sometimes they become cool and trendy and all of a sudden you're stylish for once in your life.
but mostly, sometimes they match your mom's van perfectly. and you thought twin day was only something you celebrated in 2nd grade.

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Britni Ward said...

you're so cool. seriously. so cool.