Sunday, November 6, 2011

good feeling 6

this weekend my family came to town.
i failed in the photo department. probably because this had to happen.
 so much cold in so little time, but that is probably fact of life #1053 though, right? i should probably quit complaining and channel those emotions into a coat or something.
day six- this weekend trip with my family basically can be summed up with this equation. fun=food and i am pretty okay withthat. i had an amazing salad at malawi's where the key players were  tomatoes the size of donuts, sweet and tangy balsamic vinegar  and an entire block of mozzarella cheese. yum
 on saturday i was feeling hungry and angry at the cold so i went to "ginger's garden cafe". i dined upon an overpriced salad with vegan mozzarella and listened to customers in the herb section repeatedly ask the cashier if he could mix them some herbs... to which he replied it wasn't fda approved. shady? i finished tofu laced ranch dressing then took my business elsewhere.
these pictures are misleading. much more food ensued than this. obviously i was just too hungry/busy eating to pull out any camera. but really.... is there anything better than just sitting at a restaurant and eating something good? i don't think so. especially when it is with the people you like and you can sneakily steal all the muffins off the salad bar.
alright this is making me hungry, so it is time to eat. and research astrology... a good sunday activity, right?

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The Ball Babies said...

The mozzarella was to die for! Wow. So good. Thanks for letting me snarf your last piece down.