Monday, November 7, 2011

good feeling 7

the extra hour daylight savings has given me has been awesome. waking up to light outside is a beautiful thing.
day seven- watch this video.
my friend emily sent me this video last week. it is so great to get real email from real people that isn't wells fargo telling me to pay my credit card bill or living social trying to sell me a four day excursion to mazatlan. (which is always tempting, btw, and always causes my fingers to delay deletion, btw)
anyways, i digress. this video is great. his testimony is spot on and his voice is so entrancing.... take five minutes and listen in. you won't regret it. if you have questions, visit or drop me a line! 

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The Ball Babies said...

Your dad and I watched a bunch of programs (not sure what you call them) yesterday. I especially liked Brandon Flowers' story. Way cool. This was great too! Thanks for sharing.