Sunday, November 13, 2011

good feeling 13

fall is sticking around regardless of the fact that christmas keeps trying to butt on in here.... like somehow on the way to work this week my fingers put my car radio on some seasonal tunes. seriously, alyssa. stop that. 

day thirteen- i jumped on my bike and rode around today. the weather was unseasonably warm so i headed out, camera around my neck, dress blowing in the wind. (probably a little bit too closely for comfort, but tights make it all okay, right?) my tire was flat due to serious neglect, and riding was somewhat awkward. 
it was awesome still. today at church our stake president said something about the difference between experiencing joy and having fun... and that is about the point i trailed off and remember little else of what he said, BUT it got me thinking. this semester i've had fun. i've done cool things and met sweet people, but i feel like i've also learned how to be a little more joyful- snap a couple more pictures, bottle up a few more memories of hanging out in nature, bask in a good meal with friends, learn things for myself and not related to academia and whatnot. it's lovely. i'm joyful.

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