Tuesday, November 15, 2011

good feeling 15

hi i'm a slacker. its been kind of a long two days... forgive me? i've been busy and feel pretty lame saying that seeing as its not due to school, children, etc etc etc. i'd talk about what i've been doing more but it involves christmas, so my lips are sealed. you know in the book wayside school by louis sachar where there is no thirteenth floor of the school building? well, in good feeling series, there is strangely no 14th day. creepy. moving on, though.
day fifteen- HAVE YOU SEEN THIS TRAILER? i am so excited. i was getting goosebumps up in here while i watched it the first time. these are almost the exact images i had in my head when i read all three over christmas break last year. seriously, so good. i can't wait. i foresee a lot of trailer-watching until march 23.


Diana Cook said...

my roommate Annie has you beat, she literally read ALL THREE in THREE days on her kindle....haha

The Ball Babies said...

I feel gypped...No day 14? And what's up with bloglovin'??? Cornfused momma.