Monday, November 28, 2011

weekend stats

thanksgiving dinners eaten: 3
scarves knitted, only to be dismantled as a result: 2
episodes of the duggars watched (a little bit strangely obsessed? nbd): at least 19
verbal exchanges in a 24 hour time period while home alone: 4 (to my sunflower market cashier: hello, here you go, thank you, have a good day)
redboxes rented: 3
hours spent black friday shopping between shifts at work: 2
trips to the craft store for more yarn: 2
containers of various alternative milks in my fridge: 3 (coconut, almond, and pumpkin spice soy thankyouverymuch)
tree branches yanked off bushes at the neighboring apartment complex in an attempt to make a crafty pinterest inspired christmas tree: 1
times i've listened to the new she & him christmas album: countless. listen. december soundtrack. you're welcome.
times i've put these shoes and these moc boots in my online shopping cart: 4
days until i get to go home: 24.

happy monday

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