Thursday, December 1, 2011

i've been knitting so much i think i might purl.

that was a knitting joke. a purl is a stitch.

remember last week how i said i was busy knitting all week? well it wasn't a joke. and that trend has carried over into this week. so maybe i've been to michael's three times this week. maybe i downloaded their app..... maybe i go on my lunch break? it's fine. i'm learning a trade all thanks to youtube dot com.

you might wonder what i have been doing when i am not knitting, since i haven't been doing much blogging.

i've been cultivating plants.... a term of which we will use very loosely. pretty sure this is the amaryllis (i just had to ask kelsey, my personal botanist what the heck it was called)  for dummies. my grandma swears by them. she bought me one and i potted it myself. (again, a term used loosely....) it came with a compacted disk of dirt and all i had to do was add water... and watch it exponentially grow into real dirt. mystifying.... anyways, i planted it, and it hasn't died yet.  i'm kind of a plant murderer. my friend corey had all these amazing plants in his apartment freshman year. when he left on his mission he told me to take care of one until he returned. pow pow! dead. i tried to grow basil on two different instances this summer. it never worked. aaaaaaaanyways, third time is a charm? i certainly do hope.

 what else, you ask? well, yesterday night i went to see this!

savior of the world. its a biannual production at the conference center theatre in slc that the church puts together. one of my coworkers performs in it, so when my boss offered me a free ticket last night to tag along, i just couldn't decline.... plus a free ticket totally justifies a stop at paradise bakery on the way out.  per the weird face i'm making in this picture, i think my excitement was quite obvious. (notice my knitted scarf oh yeah)

so yeah, that's life. i paid rent today so i'm poor again. i'm making huevos rancheros for dinner with anita and doing a double feature of cycling and yoga the the gym later on... that is, if the high speed winds utah is experiencing don't blow me away in the process.
if they do, maybe i'll just sit at home and knit.
happy december, ya'll. go get a salted caramel hot chocolate from starbucks and listen to harry connick jr on repeat.


Britni Ward said...

So....I will admit that I looked at the picture before reading the description and thought to myself "Eww that looks so disgusting. Alyssa, this is not one of your finest cooking moments." and then I read on and realized that it was in fact dirt...not food. But God made dirt so dirt can't hurt, right? ;)

alyssa said...

bahahahah that is hilarious. yeahhh... didn't cook that one, just planted it :) BRITNI ARE YOU STILL ALIVE I HAVENT SEEN YOU FOREVER. call me?

Kelsey Ann Thompson said...

Yup. Went to starbucks today (and michaels, btw.. same wavelength I guess) and officially depleted the end of my gift cards... I will say, seeing you knit all day makes me want to break out my hat loom and start making baby hats again! haha

PS my word verification today is regenta. Can we make that a real word? I like it.