Tuesday, December 27, 2011

post-christmas recap and roll

christmas was a great day from sun-up to sun-down. this year we didn't make it to presents until 9 am, which in and of itself is a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE. we must be growing up because i can't remember ever sleeping past 7 in previous years.
good news. santa came! he brought us nicely wrapped things. i got the immersion blender that santa bought last minute at costco on christmas eve (thanks big guy). it makes some KILLER mashed potatoes, i will tell you what. santa brought me this great glass, too. it makes for a great photo-op, no?
after stocking madness and breakfast of candy and toast we went to church, which reminded me why exactly i love sunday christmas. my home ward is great! and the singers are talented... boy can they belt it. and  can i say how floored i was to see how grown up the babies of my memory are? last time i recall seeing half of them they couldn't even walk, and now they're singing in the choir. can i have the last three years of my life back, please?
church ended and the christmas celebration continued. we opened presents. i made rolls and cursed my drafty house when they didn't hardly rise. we spent the afternoon playing fashion show and cooking christmas dinner. family came over and we dined on christmas delicacies. oh, and we played just dance. why is it so hilarious to watch people shake their booties in just dance fashion? i find it hilarious, and a video is in the works... stay tuned.. here's a load of pics til then!
christmas ham(s)
we own couches... somewhere...

the cutest face. 
all this knitting and purling paid off
merry christmas from my family and please notice the phantom hand at my waist? yeah. 
mom + dad

thanks for stopping by,  christmas 2011! you were wonderful. see you next year. (but could you bring some snow? thanks.)
oh, and the video for which you've all been waiting...


Kelsey Ann Thompson said...

Haha that's a fun one! I love that Just Dance 3 let's you do group pieces now. Favorite? The Mermaid one with Nicole Kidman and another famous person singing. it's hula hahaha

Aly G said...

Hahahahahaha! I can't decide which i enjoyed more, listening to your moms laugh or watching Billy get his groove on! Your dad has some serious moves! Love love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Made me smile.