Wednesday, December 28, 2011

thoughts for a wednesday.

my sister got one of those mega-magnifying mirrors for christmas. can i just say that those things don't do a thing for a girl's self esteem? i mean, can you think of  a single instance when you've walked away from finding hair in places you didn't even know existed anything less than a little bit scarred?

i've been tango-ing with liquid eyeliner... and i am learning very quickly that there is LITERALLY a very fine line between cat eye and drag queen.... and my hands just aren't steady enough to do anything but the drag... even with the help of that magnifying mirror.

christmas break is a great time to get dressed up in new christmas clothes and have no place to go.... so just know i am sitting at my house wearing clothes with price tags sticking out the back. no worries, though... i've only managed to make it out into public sporting the anthro price tag once. heck- i just want EVERYBODY to know about the good deals i've been scoring.

i am toying with whether or not to buy the kindle fire. i've got christmas money burning in my pocket, people! they're so shiny and cheap! it is either that or perhaps loading up on some goods at the vs semi-annual sale. unmentionables, or books? oh the decisions i am faced with. speaking of books, i'm currently mildly obsessed with the glass castle. oh, and reading it on my sister's HUGE bed that i've claimed as mine for the time-being.  she's got so many pillows and pillow pets... i never want to leave.

the new year is coming that means resolution time is just around the corner... i'm still working on that list of 21 things before i'm 21, so i'm thinking any other goals are gonna go on the back burner. BUT i am 21 in less than 3 months... crazy right? where is my life? the semester is starting a WEEK from today, which seems a little unreal. last night i bought a huge spanish book that i can't even pronounce the name of, and justified buying a new coat because i just remembered all the walking that will commence in seven short days all those cold wintery days that are going to last until mid april... or later! however, i'm ready to get this show on the road and for the madness to begin... but let me master the make-up and pull all the tags of my new clothes first.

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Aly G said...

You are a crack up! Love love that you can't decide to buy with that Hot Money!!! Post what you get please!! Love ya!!