Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ah ski ski ski

yesterday was tuesday. you know what that means? ski class! two hours of unadulterated time away from provo up at sundance frolicking in manmade snow. it doesn't get much better! you see that? that's me per kelsey's sweet iphone in skiing garb and i can't believe i haven't written all about it yet. (the skiing, not the spiffy iphone, although that's pretty awe-inducing, too) i mean, granted i've only been twice and there are children 1/4 of my age doing a heckuva lot trickier stuff than i am, but nonetheless i am learning and it is exciting.
i've got a wicked snow plow.
sometimes i can turn.
my toes are habitually numb. forever.
anybody up for a little weekday shred? i can't promise that they won't have to slow down the lift so i can get on in one piece, but i promise not to intentionally knock you over when we're getting off (or at least i will put forth my best effort)
oh, and would you pray for some snow to fall? i think that might enhance the experience, although i can't exactly complain about the shining sun.

more pictures. no ski trip is complete without a photo shoot, obviously.




Cloey Hardy said...

I just want to remind you of the time we went skiing... I think I may have almost killed you that day. But it was fun right??? Haha get good and we will hit the slopes for real this time!

D said...

ahhhh girlfran look at your hot outfit and you gettin your SKIING on!
So fun!!

The Ball Babies said...

Well, you can come here and ski! We got about 5 inches today - more at Bogus - but enough for it to take me one hour and 15 minutes to get to school...grrr. Snow is only good for the mountains!