Friday, January 20, 2012

the things in my head on this friday.


sometimes you just need to wear a ponytail and not change it for 3ish days. 3rd day pony hair is where. it's. at.

i highly advise you to buy yourself some dried chickpeas, soak them overnight, then boil them for an hour and a half the next day. when the time is right, use this recipe for mindblowingly delicious hummus. forget vegetables, this stuff is good from spoon to mouth.

whenever i hear about SOPA i just want a steaming bowl of sopa.... like tomato sopa. and i wonder if the mexicans are really confused as to why the heck all the americas hate their sopa all of a sudden? (want in on the joke? sopa=soup in spanish. *lightbulb*)

wanderlust has hit me full force! MUST GO ON VACATION. this blog about packing doesn't help me one iota! nor coworkers telling me about their sixteen day florida vacations.

the homework just keeps coming, i tell you. so does the work! i am beginning to think i should just keep my sleeping back there for the days i work afterhours then the next morning too... saving on gas and an endless supply of hot chocolate in the breakroom? win win.

toasted cinnamon raisin bread topped with a slather of greek yogurt, drizzled honey, cinnamon, and banana slices. you're welcome.

snow in the mountains! i love it.... "in the mountains" being key words here, folks.

it is the weekend! the next two days are looking nice and empty. mmmmm freedom. oh, and did you notice the date? it's my 20 5/6 birthday today. i think that constitutes yogurtland or something. just 2 more months until 21. scary. you have a great one!

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