Monday, January 23, 2012


today i was sitting and thinking about granada and the alhambra. (pictured above) my spanish literature class makes me wanderlusty because my teacher is always showing us pictures of spain and then i get anxious because everyone in that class has flawless spanish and i usually feel like belong more in a spanish kindergarten than three credits away from a minor. (!!!!) i try to follow e. roosevelt's mantra of "do one thing every day that scares you"... but i am beginning to wonder what exactly that does to a person's blood pressure over time.

 its snowing/raining and my plant is dead. january! who do you think you are!!
this weekend was a weekend of dreaming. winter is always a catalyst for my a. stir-craziness and b. my pastime of hypothetical situation planning aka WHAT am i DOING with my LIFE.
 lately i'm really good at putting my brain into what i like to call "advance planning mode"... the daydreaming state i lock myself into during relief society (always) or dull moments of work where i decide on some far fetched but somewhat attainable goal, then painstakingly go through every single to-do that must be accomplished to get there. travel is always involved... how to finance that travel is always hanging overhead. the life of a student! it is both exhilarating and confusing.  (kind of like the brown boots i wore today with predominantly black everything else. or like changing into workout clothes while driving through the snow. this is my life.)
til then, i will just wait for the chips to fall and continually edit and re-edit pictures. and keep a watchful eye out for cheap plane tickets. :)

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