Sunday, January 22, 2012

pizzeria 712.

provo has a lot of restaurants. this one is the best. last night one of my pals wanted to do something. he suggested rock climbing and food. i said i was lazy and i wanted cafe rio. we ended up here.
best decision of the weekend made early! the place was full to the brim.... but then again, it's in a little bitty place.
there is no back kitchen. there are only a few employees. they make all the pizzas in that little fire oven in the picture. i fell in love immediately. our waiter.... may i call him danny? that was his name. anyways, he was so proper and helpful and earned every penny of tip. he brought us our menus and used all kinds of fancy food lingo i'd never heard before. gasp! i need to eat fancy more often.
we settled on two pizzas... the menu is ever changing, so i am not 100 percent on what we got, but i am pretty sure one was fancy tomato sauce with "house ricotta" (fancy) and basil, oregano, and topped with arugula. the other was roasted butternut squash with caramelized onions, rosemary, and subtly laced with crack. favorite! we ate and savored and i tried to be girlish and not eat my entire pizza. (i finished it in the car on the way home. ha!)
then they brought the dessert menu. we split this crazy good amano chocolate mousse thing that tasted like straight up heaven.
i can't forget the bathrooms, either. even the bathroom was fancy! oh no, there were no paper towels, but real linens. sustainable! delicious! beat still, my heart.
so do you need any more reason? go eat here, already... but make a reservation if you don't want to sit in the cold for half an hour.  i really can't get over how good the experience it.... frankly, it makes malawi's look like mcdonald's.1327204261997
fancy. did i say fancy enough, yet?


The Ball Babies said...

I don't really care about the food, I want to know who you were with??? :)

But it was fun to read about the food, too.

alyssa said...

my study abroad friend, javier.

Diana Cook said...

Hahahha ditto on your mom's comment.
We're one in the same.

The Ball Babies said...

Oh, fun! Where is this pizza place? Is it new to Provo? You should take me there when I come next time... :)